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One of the security measures iPhone and iPad is the unlock code and the automatic deletion of data after several failed attempts.

And it is increasingly clear that Samsung will be responsible for manufacturing the iPhone X Plus screen.

According to the Chinese media, the 2019 generation of the iPhone could bring a system of three lenses for its camera.

Apple released a new video spot last Friday that enhances the iPhone X 's face recognition unlock feature.

The company has started sending out invitations to media and students where a strange message appears: "Let's take a field trip".

Consumer Report indicates that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are the two smartphones that have the best cameras today.

Apple had a remarkable 2017: its AirPod became ubiquitous throughout the country (United States), Apple Watch Series 3 is a sales success

The most striking is, without doubt, the Moto Z3 and Moto X5 that would have a 3D scanner, Face ID type, similar to the iPhone X.

The reason that caused the delay in the change of battery of the iPhone 6 Plus is none other than the lack of stock of this battery in particular

Apple apologized for his way of communicating the management of their battery devices when it degrades over time.